Business tips for the new normal

It’s been rough. Exhausting, at times. Not just thinking about how to do business now, but what will doing business after the pandemic look like?

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have been pivoting at lightning speed to sustain operations in response to recent events, while trying to do more than survive. 

Dynamic leaders across multiple industries have not only triumphed through the unknown, but set examples of realistic transformations in uncharted territory. Thinking on your feet, going virtual and expanding digital reach are a few necessities that surfaced very quickly to remain afloat. 

Now, more than ever, integrity shines through as a crucial aspect of running a business when the landscape at large is constantly changing. While uncertainty surrounds, tried and true reputations come to light. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest and it’s community of ethical businesses, remain devoted to the Standards for Trust they were built on, during trying times and beyond. Businesses who have exemplified these traits, and been recognized with the esteemed BBB Torch Award for Ethics for doing so, offer advice for others still navigating the path to recovery. 

Remain connected

In a world that has shifted to digital, we have remained connected in new ways. From the little things that mean a lot to innovation and flexibility, cultivating an adaptive culture for change fortifies successful relationships. Continue to show empathy and do not lose touch with the human element. Try to “listen, research, and above all, demonstrate care,” shares General Manager Bill Coniam of 25th Street Automotive. Also stressing the importance of connection is Erik Arriola and Friendly Auto Centers, a team that is making the distinction of instilling “some joy, happiness, and levity in people’s lives.” This boost of morale could even increase productivity and further unify the mission of an organization doing business after the pandemic.  

Think outside the box

The marketplace has been given an opportunity to prove its resilience in unpredictable climates. Metti International has “hired experts from different disciplines to write blogs, improve SEO, and test launch email marketing campaigns” to varying sectors of the industry, shares owner Michael Metti. In a time where fear has surfaced, ingenuities such as this have allowed businesses to regain, and in some cases, increase momentum under challenging circumstances. 

Use digital tools

It’s no secret, a digital platform can skyrocket your businesses to new heights. We’ve watched larger moguls take on the digital beast for years, but now everyone’s jumping aboard with easily accessible tools. From live stream fitness classes to digital fashion shows for clothing sales, creativity has no bounds. First Impression Ironworks has pivoted to keep services running with convenience to customers by offering “virtual design consultations and video showroom tours” shares Director of Customer Care, Shannon Peterson.

Practice safety in sales practices

Behind the scenes, operations have received a digital boost, with trusted options for facilitating orders, billing, and storage systems. Countywide Mortgage Lending has extended a “secure online portal where clients can upload information and documents without physical contact” to keep the momentum of sales, shares Austin Behic. Consumers are keen to recognize strides made by businesses to keep prices within reasonable and ethical means. 

Set positive examples

Lifted social mandates vary by location, and companies may need to work out accommodations on an evolving basis. Employees will serve as an example of the commitment to customer safety and should be educated on best practices for guaranteeing the confidence of visitors. “Most importantly, we must take every employee’s individual situation into consideration,” shares Rebecca Pacillas, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of American Advisors Group (AAG). AAG has “focused on clear and consistent communication with all employees and developed policies that will help transitions while maintaining productivity and preserving company culture.”

Keep going

Proving the benefits of “reducing uncertainty,” efforts made by President Bob Brown and the team at Arizona Foundation Solutions have resulted in “leads at a record high for the month.” Businesses that embrace changes will be well-positioned as migrations are made. Tom Radz and AZ Pro Group are also “making sure to focus on service and efficiency to keep up with greater demand in the near future.”

BBB encourages businesses to seek opportunities for maintaining trust while moving into the next phases of what may be a long-term adjustment period of doing business after the pandemic.