Declutter your business to-dos

Managing a business during a pandemic is overwhelming. If you’re like most small business owners, your to-do lists are long and you’re not sure what to tackle first. Use these two simple questions to prioritize your to-do list (and maybe even remove some tasks).

  1. How urgent is this task for my business? Urgent tasks are time-sensitive – if you don’t take action soon, something bad might happen. Think buying ingredients for a dish on tomorrow’s menu of a restaurant or signing a lease the day before move-in day. Urgent tasks need to be done ASAP but don’t necessarily need to be done by the business owner.
  2. How important is this task to keeping my business running and / or profitable? Important tasks can be classified with tasks such as getting permits, ensuring payroll clears, etc. Important tasks are more likely to need the owner’s attention for legal, financial, or other reasons.

Declutter your to-do list

If your to-do list is saddled with mostly urgent and important tasks, then you should consider this four-box.

For tasks that meet the threshold of those that you should execute immediately, the answer to our two simple questions is yes. Stop reading this blog and get to them. For less important tasks, determine whether the task can be delegate or schedule for another date.

Finally, tasks that are neither urgent nor important can be delayed or perhaps even eliminated, depending on the task.

To-do list tasks can also move in level of urgency or importance over time. For example, signing a lease may not be urgent until the deadline, at which point it becomes critical. Growing your online presence may be important but not as urgent until we have to be more remote, as with COVID-19.

This urgent / important framework is further explained in a recent webinar that GoDaddy sponsored with #OpenWeStand partner, Next Street.

Watch the webinar for more tips on reigniting your business strategy or check out the webinar’s FAQs.