GoDaddy and ChowNow Webinar Recap: Strategies for restaurateurs during COVID-19

GoDaddy and ChowNow teamed up to give restaurant owners the strategies they need to adapt, cope and evolve during COVID-19.

Now more than ever, restaurants are looking for ways to survive and thrive during the pandemic. We’ve come up with the essential tips to ensure that you’re being found online, staying connected to your customers and attracting new business, even in this crisis.

Watch the full webinar here:

Here are a few key tips from the webinar for restaurants to use during these tough times:

1. Show up everywhere

It’s more important than ever to let new and existing customers know you’re open for business.

Make sure you have online ordering enabled on:

  • Your website
  • Google search results
  • Instagram
  • Review sites
  • Your branded mobile app

If customers can make an order with your restaurant through all of these outlets, you’re maximizing your exposure online and the potential for new business.

Have you enabled online ordering on your website? Your website is the front door to your digital business. And, consumers are using websites now for a clean ordering process to get their favorite dishes from local restaurants.

Check out ChowNow, which helps customers use their website for digital orders.

While many restaurants use third-party apps for delivery and pickup as well, it’s important to look out for commission-based apps because they might be charging you more than you think.

2. Run print and digital marketing campaigns

During this time, it’s important to be proactive. Reach out to your customers and let them know that you’re in business, even if it’s delivery and pickup only. You can do this with print and digital marketing strategies.

Create flyers, business cards, and A-frame signs promoting your online takeout business.

Send an email blast to your list of customers with direct ordering links. Consider adding special offers and coupons to entice them to make an order.

If you have a mobile app, consider sending push notifications to get the word out.

3. Diversify your digital menu

Many restaurants are getting creative and adding new offerings for pickup and delivery on their digital menus. They’re adding gift cards so customers can purchase a gift card to give you cash now and ensure a visit later.

They’re adding large format takeout, family-style options and batch cocktails (in some states) in order to move more inventory.

Many restaurants are also adding grocery and pantry goods to their menus. They’re finding it to be a good strategy to offer raw goods like eggs and flour that their customers need, but might not be able to find in grocery stores in their area.

4. Stay connected to your community

Use social media to stay connected to your existing customers and to get engaged with new customers.

Make sure you’re staying top-of-mind with your customers by using social media to provide important updates. You can enhance online interactions with in-the-moment content on Instagram Stories. You can tweet out your specials. You can use Facebook to update your audience with photos of your menu items. Social media the quickest way to get the word out about what you’re offering, when pickup and delivery begins and any specials you have that day.

And, don’t forget to thank your community! Make sure that you’re thanking your customers for their support and giving shout-outs to the community that is helping to support you, even in these tough times.

Don’t miss more tips for restaurateurs in the full webinar from GoDaddy and ChowNow here.