Corporate Pledge

Small businesses are the pillars that hold up our communities. As the weight of the current pandemic falls harder on your shoulders, Avetta vows to do what we can to lift the heavy load with you. This includes mandating remote working for all employees to slow the spread of the disease. In addition, we have leveraged our connections with industry experts to provide small businesses with legal advice on newly passed legislations and workplace regulations. Third, we are working hand in hand with some of our large, enterprise clients to focus their additional purchasing power on the local businesses hurt by the pandemic. We are striving to provide support through multiple means, including safety, the accurate dissemination of information, increased savings and more.

Letter from the CEO

As one of the largest global supply chain networks, we see the work that small and independent businesses are doing–and it is important. In response to the Pandemic, we have implemented our business continuity plan, and enacted necessary changes in order to continue serving our clients and suppliers around the globe. Some of these changes include protecting our workforce and community. All personnel are working remotely until it is deemed safe to return. For employees, we’ve offered extended sick leave should they need it. Further, we have banned non-essential travel within the organization. We continue to monitor the situation and will make updates to our plan accordingly.

These changes have allowed us to better focus on bringing value to our suppliers. We are pushing our 450 clients to strengthen their supply chains by searching for geographically diverse suppliers, many of which are small and specialized. We hope that this focus remains after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

We are also creating content and pulling resources together enabling small businesses with a single source they can go to get help. We’ve developed whitepapers, are sponsoring webinars, are pooling geographic resources and more to help small businesses get the answers they need so they can focus on their business.

Our software, systems, and technology needed to remotely support both clients and small business suppliers are all fully operational. These systems have been tested for reliability and continuity. We have also verified that our key suppliers have activated business continuity plans sufficient to support us without disruption. These precautionary measures have been taken to limit the potential spread of the virus, to support our employees in this challenging time, and to build up stronger, more diverse supply chains. Our senior leadership team remains vigilant, monitoring the situation in real time and responding rapidly as conditions evolve.

Arshad Matin

President & CEO | Avetta

What we’re doing for small businesses.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve created new ways to help small businesses stay open in this uncertain time.


Small Business Loan Walkthrough

On March 27, 2020 President Trump signed the passage of the CARES Act, a program designed to aid small businesses during the pandemic. This on-demand webinar, led by two law firm partners, will discuss how to access the assistance programs and what other options might be available for businesses.


COVID-19 and Workplace Rules

The Coronavirus has now infected every state in the United States and with mask and testing kit shortages, further spread is likely more a question of when, not if. The virus is already impacting businesses, and employers need to know what their responsibilities are.


Business Continuity Plan Guide

These free downloadable templates provide a framework on how to develop a continuity plan, regardless of your business size. With checklists on infectious disease preparedness and other unavoidable disasters, these forms give a specific plan of action to help businesses continue with as little interruption as possible.


Access to Exclusive Discounts

By negotiating with industry-leading organizations, we’re able to provide you with exclusive access to offers and discounts not available anywhere else. The online Marketplace helps you save time and money on goods and services critical to your business, regardless of your size.

*These offers are provided by the named companies, not GoDaddy. Please see the linked pages for applicable terms, restrictions and instructions applicable to all offers.

Ensuring we're
always available.

We’ve taken the necessary steps to keep our people safe so they’re available to serve you, and we’ll continue to adapt as needed.

Directly Helping Our Customers

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic Avetta has extended the window to submit compliance materials until May 31, 2020. Additionally, our support team is standing by ready to help answer any questions or concerns, so every supplier has the assistance they need to meet the deadline https://www.avetta.com/.

Leveraging Our Connections with Industry Experts

With our position in the global market we have partnered with dozens of industry experts to provide our customers and prospects with accurate and helpful information. Our resource center provides details on newly passed governmental assistance programs, employer responsibilities, best hygiene practices and more.

Help to get you
through tough times.