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Letter from the CEO

It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed in the past two weeks. Globally, close to one billion people are now confined to their homes. Businesses, and the people behind them, are suffering. And the future remains uncertain—that’s the hardest part. I hope everyone’s family, friends, and colleagues are safe and healthy, and continue to be so.

As a leader of a company so deeply intertwined with the finances of so many businesses across the country, and as the husband of a small business owner, I am personally focused on solutions. We are hearing the challenges you’re all facing firsthand, and taking action to help.

Brex’s mission is to reimagine financial systems so every growing business can achieve their full potential. That mission feels imperative now more than ever. It’s a scary time to dream, to envision that full potential, when tomorrow is in doubt. We are focused on helping you not only keep your dream alive, but truly empower you to dream bigger through challenge, and build the thriving business you’ve been working towards.

We are committed to you. Not just today, but for the long term.

We will not let fear or distance dampen our spirits. A Brex employee was one of the first diagnosed cases in the Bay Area, and we acted quickly to move to 100% work-from-home. We’re doing our part to support public health efforts and focusing on the most immediate things we can do to help you run your business and, in many cases, keep the doors open.

Saving money is a minor consolation in the face of so much uncertainty, but we also know that every dollar is more important than ever.

So we’ve updated our rewards program to better reflect the way remote teams spend. Existing customers on the Brex for Startups card can opt in now by emailing, and new customers can also opt in upon approval.

– 7x points on collaboration tools: Zoom, Slack, GoToMeeting, Gong,

– 3x on food delivery: Caviar, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Seamless

– 2x on recurring software

– 1x on everything else

We also worked with our partners to expand discounts on key remote work services. I’m proud of our team for moving so quickly, and excited to share these new offers with you:

Expansion of AWS credits to $100,000 depending on company funding level, that all new and existing Brex customers can redeem right away

– 20% off all Zoom services, software that has been invaluable for us at Brex

– 25% off annual Slack paid subscription

– 1 free month of DoorDash’s DashPass food delivery subscription, with discounts on months 2 and 3

– 50% off your first annual subscription for Dropbox

Brex only succeeds to the extent that our customers realize their full potential. We’re still focused on getting you there. Right now, you may be focused on surviving. But keep your dream alive. You’ll need it on the other side.

Together, we will get through this. I’ll continue sharing updates over the coming weeks.

We’re here. We’re listening.

Stay safe!

Paul-Henri Ferrand

COO | Brex

What we’re doing for small businesses.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve created new ways to help small businesses stay open in this uncertain time.


New remote collaboration tools

To help customers navigate the COVID-19 crisis, Brex is offering the opportunity to update rewards and earn 7x points on collaboration tools, as well as 4x points on food delivery, 2x points on recurring software, and 1x points on everything else.

*These offers are provided by the named companies, not GoDaddy. Please see the linked pages for applicable terms, restrictions and instructions applicable to all offers.

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