GoDaddy has pledged three courses of action in response to these uncertain times. Together, these pledges ensure the safety and security of our employees and shift our purchasing to support small businesses whenever possible.

Money talks.
Here’s what it should say.

We love everyday entrepreneurs, and in times like these we’re going to prove it. We’ll prove it when we order in from the local café. We’ll prove it when we load up our offices with handcrafted soaps. We’ll prove it when we stock our fridges with pressed juice from that place around the corner.

We’ll prove it by putting our dollars behind independent entrepreneurs from candle makers to carpenters.

Because we know that a small — yet decisive — act here, a sandwich there, that’s what’s going to make a difference. That’s what’s going to get us through as a society.

It’s not just lunch, or coffee, it’s a mom and pop restaurant making it one more day. It’s not just soap, it’s keeping a story going. It’s not just a purchase, it’s an effort to keep small businesses alive.

So, we, the undersigned, hereby pledge to live by these words. We will maximize our purchasing power across independent businesses as much as possible. And we are asking other businesses to join us.

We’re not taking chances with our employees. We’re taking care of them.

Business is more than just the bottom line. It’s a group of people working together to pull something off. People have given us their loyalty, their dedication, their trust. Their bright ideas, silly ideas that just might work, and ideas we would never have thought of. We owe it to them to live up to that.

We pledge to keep our employees safe.
We’ll allow them to work remote, where possible.
We’ll respect and reinforce the guidelines of social distancing.
We’ll let them video chat the meeting, even when the dogs, or kids, are barking.
We’ll give our employees what they need to perform their tasks in safety and security.

By keeping everyone healthy, we keep society healthy, so we can return to normal as soon as possible. Normal so we can go back to our favorite bar, restaurant, hairdresser or boutique. Or find new ones. So, we can have people back in our homes to spruce up a kitchen or build us a garage. So, we the undersigned, hereby pledge to live by these words. We will make employee safety our number-one priority. And we are asking other businesses to join us.


We’re a trusted growth partner to millions of everyday entrepreneurs.

Minimizing impact to our customers.

We’re giving away free tools that keep your employees and customers informed about your business to lessen the economic impact of COVID-19.


Websites + Marketing

It’s never been more important for small businesses to have an online presence. That’s why we’ve shifted Websites + Marketing to provide you with a free website for as long as you need it.*

You’ll have the tools, resources and 24/7 support needed to give your business a free, permanent home online that’s equipped to grow with you.


Marketing Tools

We’re giving customers one month free of our email marketing tool packaged with a way to easily update customers via Facebook and Google My Business.*

If you’re using GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, you already have email marketing. See more info on Websites + Marketing features that help you communicate with your customers.


Sell products on multiple marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces is a proven way to increase sales for your online business. Already included with every GoDaddy Websites + Marketing Ecommerce subscription, Sellbrite marketplace listing software is now available FREE for any seller to use!

Calling all website designers and developers.

We're offering resources to help you help your clients sell online during these challenging times.


WordPress Ecommerce Hosting

Selling online is the best way to help your clients adapt and stay connected to their customers – so we’ve partnered with WooCommerce by offering you our WordPress Ecommerce Hosting plan for 3 months for only $1.00. Plus $1k worth of extensions.**

*Services begin upon sign up and limitations may apply. Subject to the GoDaddy Universal Terms of Service, Websites + Marketing Services Agreement and Privacy Policy.
** Additional terms may apply. See website for details.

Ensuring we’re
available for
our customers.

We’ve taken the necessary steps to keep our employees safe so they’re available to help you 24/7, and we’ll continue to adapt as needed.

Directly helping our customers

These are tough times, and we’re here to support our customers through it. Our services are up and running, and you can still contact our GoDaddy Guides, 24/7. We’re here to help.

Taking care of our employees

Our employees are of utmost importance to us, and we’ve made their health a priority during COVID-19. We’ve taken steps to ensure their safety now and in the future. From eliminating travel to ensuring almost all of our 7,000+ employees are working from home, we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe.

Always adapting

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation very closely to stay informed of recommendations by the CDC and WHO, as well as any updates and mandates by the government. We’re extremely proud of how our employees have come together during this difficult time and we remain 100% committed to keeping our people safe.

Help to get you
through tough times.