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Corporate Pledge

With the mission of equal justice for all, LegalShield supports small businesses and has launched the LegalShield Coronavirus Resource Center for Small Business .  As the pandemic evolves, our Coronavirus Resource Centers touch upon a vast array of critical legal questions which concern small businesses as well as individuals and families.  The LegalShield Resource Center for Individuals and Families along with the LegalShield Resource Center for Privacy and ID Theft have information specific to each.  These sites provide free guidance on the coronavirus’ most frequently searched topics including employment, remote working, healthcare, estate planning, travel, finances, and events.  We update the Coronavirus Resource Center in real-time. 

Letter from the CEO

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged so many small business owners as much of the country continues to practice social distancing, shelter in place, and follow strict guidelines for reopening their businesses. Small business owners need general and specific legal advice on government support programs, employment, regulatory compliance, and contracting. Our job at LegalShield is to ease that stress as best we can with answers to their legal questions. 

Our nationwide network of experienced lawyers stands at the ready to answer questions regarding stimulus payments to individuals and businesses, small business loan programs, newly expanded unemployment coverage, and different retirement account rules that have been rolled out. We want to ensure that our members understand their rights and are getting the economic support that they need, so they can thrive once again when we return to calmer times. 

LegalShield pledges to assist small businesses and their owners during these uncertain times with a special offer to all GoDaddy customers: 

  • During these times of increasing scams, fraud, and theft aimed at individuals and their businesses, LegalShield will offer our IDShield identity protection/privacy management plan subscriptions to the small business owners at no charge for 60 days. 

We all need to come together in support of each other as we reopen and rebuild small business in the US and around the world. 

Jeff Bell

CEO | LegalShield

What we’re doing for small businesses.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve created new ways to help small businesses stay open in this uncertain time.


Protect your privacy with IDShield

During these times of increasing scams, fraud, and theft aimed at individuals and their businesses, LegalShield will offer our IDShield identity protection/privacy management plan subscriptions to small business owners at no charge for 60 days.

*These offers are provided by the named companies, not GoDaddy. Please see the linked pages for applicable terms, restrictions and instructions applicable to all offers.

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