Reconnect with social media marketing

Social media was once created to connect people, near and far, and bring communities together. It then evolved into being able to find animals new homes, raise awareness about important causes, locate groups of people with similar interests, learn about new products and services, and shop.

This evolution has had some highs (who loves having more than just a thumbs up/down button?!) and some lows.

The theme for 2020 has teetered on businesses and people alike talking about the “new normal.” Getting used to all day Zoom meetings and online classrooms, learning to socialize digitally, meet for “virtual happy hours” or find new and creative ways to stay entertained at home. The one item that has not changed: people still need to feel connected, socialize, share thoughts and opinions, and feel cared about. In fact, during this time, people are spending more time on social media looking for that “connection.” Facebook usage is up 53%, Instagram is up 32% and Twitter usage is up 23%. Not to mention the rise in popularity of new apps like TikTok, which added over 12 million unique U.S.-based visitors in March 2020 alone.

However, with all the popularity and extended usage of favorite social media sites, are people feeling more “disconnected” than connected? Is social media marketing becoming too much or is there a way to add human touch points among the sea of ads? There are 2 months left in 2020, and more opportunities have arrived for businesses to learn, grow and strengthen the value they provide to their customers and reconnect with them via social media marketing.

New connections found through quicker messaging, stronger customer engagement, “what you’re doing to stay safe” messaging, and showcasing your virtual services. Our DAS team offers our clients a wealth of resources daily to help them find and retain these new connections.

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