Roundtable Discussions: Embracing the power in Black economics

Hi, my name is Andrea Lewis, I’m an actress and a filmmaker and I have an independent production company, JungleWild Productions. In partnership with GoDaddy, I had the opportunity to host a panel with four amazing creative entrepreneurs on the power of Black economics. 

We had a long and informative conversation around what it means to be a Black entrepreneur and how the Black community can understand the power in their dollars. 

Check out my conversation with Ashten Fizer, GoDaddy Employer Brand Team Member, Joy Brunson, actress and entrepreneur, and Xavier and Lynisha Henderson, founders of SoulfulofNoise Music Platform, as we discuss Black entrepreneurship, culture, and the history around Black buying power. 

Watch the Roundtable Discussion here:

Our conversation focused on the negative story and stereotypes that Black people have been told about the power we have as a community to build and create opportunities for ourselves. During the roundtable, when I asked the question, “What do we need to see our businesses flourish?,” Xavier Henderson mentioned confidence. “We need to believe we can do anything if we stick together,” he said. Joy and Ashten both expressed the benefits of mentorship to help our businesses. Both of them were fortunate to go to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and spoke very highly of their experience and the confidence that was instilled in their communities while being in school and the benefits they had in school from mentors. But, they also mentioned that having that same guidance now would be amazing, and surely benefit them as entrepreneurs. 

We spoke with Andrea Lewis how entrepreneurs can collaborate to support Black entrepreneurs, especially during COVID-19.

Our discussion was loaded with gems about the beauty of Blackness but also some of the difficulties that Black entrepreneurs and businesses have faced, specifically lack of opportunity and access to funding or mentorships that can help to propel our businesses. Sometimes, it’s the negative stereotypes that our communities have fed into when it comes to what they expect from a Black business. However, despite all of the challenges, our communities are excited and ready now more than ever to support and uplift Black businesses. 

If you are Black business owner, lean into your community, share your story and don’t shy away from your culture and what makes your perspective unique. 

If you’re interested in supporting a Black business, then do your research. The Black community is vast and there are a lot of small businesses that could use your support as a consumer. 

When asked what defines “Blackness” Ashten warmly explains that Black culture and Black people are a part of everything. Our fabric, our joy, our love, our souls, and our ideas have touched every part of the world today and before slavery. As entrepreneurs, we need to continue to stand in our truth, embrace our culture, and continue to show up for our communities. 

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