Roundtable Discussions: Redefining hustle

In episode two of our Roundtable Discussions, our discussion focuses on the ideas and narrative around “hustle” and what it means for Black entrepreneurs. 

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Our panelists, Thea Monyee, Brandon Baxter, and Malliha Ahmad, all of whom have created businesses that focus on healing and in their own ways, talk about making space for self-care within their business. Making this space has helped them not only hustle, but thrive. Listen to our conversation below. 

The unique part about this conversation was that in more than one way, each of our panelists emphasized the importance of taking care of themselves in order to become better business owners. They each had to redefine what running a business means to them and move away from traditional job descriptions and ideas on what a business owner should be. 

Everyone was in agreement that, oftentimes within the Black community, there is an emphasis on working hard, but rarely are we taught to take care of ourselves in that process as well. The word “hustle” means something completely different to Thea and Malliha, and both expressed their own challenges with the pushed narrative of thinking that success means you should be hustling all of the time. 

“The more I relax, the more money I make,” said Thea, when talking about her businesses. I couldn’t agree more. When I started to become more intentional, remaining calm, and making room for self-care in my life, my business started to change, my ideas became clearer, and my “hustle” became easier. 

Your best creativity and ideas will come once you’ve found a way to be at ease with yourself. If you’re a small business owner, consider putting more moments for self-care into your weekly and monthly schedule. Your employees will thank you for it. 

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