Shift sales to the web and increase conversions with live chat

COVID-19 may forever change how businesses operate and how consumers make purchases. If your business is a brick-and-mortar store, it might be unclear on when you’ll be able to re-open your doors. Even then, it could still be time before sales start reflecting what they were under normal circumstances. 

Leaning on technology for support 

So much has been shifted online due to COVID-19, and utilizing technology is a smart way to keep your leads and sales up during these challenging times. Your model of selling may have been part online and part in-store.  

If your business is ecommerce, then it depends solely on website sales. Analyzing the visits to your website is a crucial part of understanding your customers and leads, but there’s more you can be doing to see increases in conversions. 

When analytics aren’t enough 

Analytics are incredibly important, but by the time you’re viewing the raw data, your web visitors have already come and gone. Your next steps are to go through a long process to draw your leads back in. What you need is an easier way to engage your visitors while they are on your website. 

The traditional lead or sales funnel 

The hope is that when someone is on your website, they fill out a contact form, contact your sales team, or make a purchase during the visit. If not, that’s a potential lead that’s lost. You can hope that the lead returns to your site or you can spend money retargeting them. 

If they filled out a contact form, then you can loop them into an email drip campaign or have your sales team reach out. Either way, you’re spending a lot of time and resources chasing down leads.  

One of the easiest ways to see higher web sale conversions is to add live chat to your site.  

Add live chat services to your website 

Consider your website as a virtual store. People come, they browse, and then they leave. Now, imagine if that were an actual store. Wouldn’t it be much better if there was someone available to answer questions and share information to help make a sale?  

That’s how a live chat service works. It’s just another way to communicate and be present for your customers instead of throwing them into your website to let them poke around on their own. 

Benefits of a live chat service 

Live chat is a great way to connect with your leads and increase conversions. In fact, conversion rates jump 40 percent higher with live chat and leads through chat are likely to spend 60 percent more than others. 

Not only that, but you’re providing a well-rounded customer experience for consumers of all types. Some people are willing to pick up the phone and call and others want to engage via chat. Your satisfaction rate will be higher with live chat versus an automated chat as well.  

How live chat for websites works 

Live chat software can be hosted on your website easily and can be managed entirely by you and your team. There are two different types of chats you can have with your customers: 

  • Click to chat. This means a website visitor starts the chat communication. Your chat widget will always display on your website and at any point, the customer can click on the widget to start a chat. This is great if they have questions or concerns. This is one of the best ways to engage with existing customers and provide excellent customer service. 
  • Proactive chats. This is when a visitor has come to your website and the live chat window pops up with a predetermined greeting. This is a great way to engage with leads.  

By having both click to chat and proactive chats, you’re addressing existing customers and leads. 

What to consider when looking into live chat 

One of the greatest things about the internet is the ability to connect people from around the world at any time during the week, day or night. The internet doesn’t maintain traditional business hours – but you and your team do. 

If you always want to have your website capturing leads and providing great customer service, you might want to think about getting live chat services that partners your resources with live chat specialists. 

That means you can you and your team can answer chats when you choose, and then shift the answering to a team of dedicated live chat specialists, who will answer your chats for you before hours, after hours, or when you’re not available. 

24/7 live chat 

When you choose to have live chat specialists answering your website chats, look for a team who can operate just like the internet does – 24/7. That way no matter if it’s 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve, your customers are getting an excellent experience and all your leads are being capture. 

When you use live chat specialists, look for a highly customizable experience. You want your business to be best represented by the specialists when they’re answering your chats.  

Set up should be simple and straightforward, as your pricing should be! At VoiceNation, we don’t nickel and dime, all while providing high-level, customizable services 24/7.