Elisabeth Cardiello’s Caffè Unimatic is brewing Brave Conversations to bring people from everywhere together in these times — all over coffee, of course.

Caffè Unimatic is about much more than crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Elisabeth started her company after a chance discovery of 5,000 mid-century Italian-made coffee pots designed and imported by her late father. This iconic vessel of a slower, lower-tech world is sold on Caffè Unimatic’s site, along with handcrafted coffee beans, to champion the timeless ritual of connecting over coffee. 

Since we can’t gather over coffee in our neighborhood cafés right now, Caffè Unimatic is hosting Brave Conversations online to foster the kind of thoughtful dialogue that drives change. One part coffee tasting and one part leadership workshop, these virtual discussions spur action through connection. 

Caffè Unimatic