For a nonprofit that regularly feeds the hungry and comforts the homeless, our current reality demands even more selflessness — and one of its Seattle volunteers is rising to the occasion.

When Karly Burke first discovered Los Angeles-born nonprofit Hashtag Lunchbag, she wanted in. She immediately contacted the founders and started running the Seattle chapter soon after. Since then, she’s spent her days organizing meal preparation (including a handwritten note) and delivery for the homeless.  

Now, with more people in need, Hashtag Lunchbag is stepping up by partnering with Beyond Meat to provide meals to 1 million people in L.A. over the next 30 days. Meanwhile in Seattle, Karly is working overtime and using her website and social media channels to raise funds that’ll help millions of kids who depend on school lunches get the meals they need while schools are closed. She’s also working with local hospitals to supply lunches, complete with heartfelt notes, to healthcare workers. 

Hashtag Lunchbag Seattle